We are a group of five programmers who decided to spend their free time on developing cheats for mobile games, we have previously created tools like this one for dozens of games including popular titles such as Boom Beach or Clash of Clans. Our newest creation is the Clash Royale Hack we’re presenting you on this website. We always create a brand new website for each tool we create and we don’t sign them with any specific group name so that it’s harder to locate all of our programs. This means it’s also harder to take all of them down – people and companies have already tried that many times. Sometimes they succeed and temporarily take down one of our cheats but they can’t take down all of them! We’re all from different countries but passion for programming and hatred towards pay2win games has brought us all together. We simply want to make the world a better place and equalize the chances for all players. We hate it when someone can be the better player just because they can afford to spend $100 per week on microtransactions.

Hopefully you are able to find our other cheats too and don’t fall some silly scams, because there’s plenty of them on the internet. You shouldn’t ever download anything from websites such as this one or tell anyone your password. if someone asks for it then they are surely trying to scam you and hack your account. Don’t download anything because fake hacks advertisements are used to spread viruses around the internet! That is why everything we make works fully online and doesn’t require you to download anything at all.